Our Services

We've helped our clients increase their  online sales by as much as 300% 

Here's what I do well:

  • Website and landing page conversion audits {SOW}
  • Product/Service Launch Consultation & Management 
  • Sales Funnel Design, Strategy & Consulting {Clickfunnels, Shopify, and many more}
  • Online Business Management Project Management {with your team or mine}
  • New Business Packages with Custom Website Design 
  • Business Coaching for Brick-and-Mortar, eComm, and service business 
  • Sales Optimized Website Re-Design and Consultation  
  • UX/UXI Strategy and Design {User Experience}
  • CVO Strategy {Client Value Optimization} 

Wendi Schenkel, Founder & Principal Increase Sales Digital

All of my services are holistic. They include my strategy, expertise and abilities-not just for one aspect of your project, but for ALL aspects. I’m a Certified Customer Acquisition/Optimization & Copywriting Specialist (Digital Marketer) among many other Certifications,  as well as a certified partner with Shopify development and design & marketing. I also have proven results with clients for product & service launches and sales funnel creation. Yes, I am that weird unicorn you’ve been looking for.

Clickfunnels | Shopify | Social Media

Below is a more detailed description of my services.

It is ABSOLUTELY imperative you fill out an application TODAY, if you want to work with me in the next 60 days. That’s my current waiting list, so please don’t be a last-minute Suzy. The clients who book out ahead are so much more prepared than those who try to squeeze something in last minute.

Launch Consultation & Management

If you are looking to launch a product or service, new online program or course, the Launch Consultation & Management option might be what you need.

I work closely with you and your team to create a timeline for your launch, write copy, plan strategy and advertising, assess current systems, create new opportunity for leads, analyze current website and platforms, design automation workflows, and oversee a full launch of your new endeavor! Typically, clients work with me for approximately 12 weeks and prices start around $8k.

Prerequisites: An existing business that is currently bringing in revenue, a willingness to outsource and/or hire team members (VA’s, developers, etc.) and an ad budget available. Client must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions.

Sales Funnel Design, Re-Design & Strategy: Clickfunnels & Shopify 

I work alongside my expert team and we produce-

  • Landing pages for opt-ins 
  • The opt-ins themselves
  • Sales pages for tripwires
  • Long form copy for your signature offer 
  • Email nurture sequences 
  • Thank you pages 
  • Facebook Ads Automated webinars 
  • Optimized blog content
  • SSL payment gateways 
  • Video Sales Letter Scripts 

and more….

We’ll create copy designed to convert

  • We write copy that grabs attention…to keep them on the page 
  • We complement your natural voice…and make you look good 
  • We keep you from sounding salesy…because trust comes before action

You’ll have branded graphic design

  • Gorgeous on- brand graphics for your digital marketing 
  • Customized ad graphics- to grab attention 
  • Beautiful sales and landing pages that don’t look cookie cutter 
  • Optimized formatting- to keep those eyes on the page 
  • Font and graphics that sync with your brand- for a powerful, professional presence

Your Facebook campaigns? We’ll…

  • Build ads designed to rock response 
  • Place pixels to gather the intel you need to find your best prospects 
  • Set-up your audiences 
  • Optimized your pixel placement so you can track every sweet action

Clients work with our team anywhere from 4-16 weeks and price per funnel starts around $10k.

Prerequisites: An existing business with the content for your signature offer and tripwire offer available {it doesn’t have to be formatted, but it needs to be written/produced}


Online Business Management

My online business management package includes a strategic overhaul of your online business model, with specific goals (email list growth, business automation, passive income production creation, new website design and implementation, retention for recurring members for a membership site, etc). I write a proposal based on your specific needs and we work together to bring a cohesiveness to your business with your website, branding, copy, advertising, funnels, onboarding, and social media. Typically clients hire me for 4, 8, or 12 weeks and prices start around $2k per month.

Prerequisites: An existing business for at least six months and an ad budget available. It’s also important that the client be willing to meet regularly for ongoing assignments and goals.


Project Management

If you are looking to hire a VA for your team {or a full team}, I am available to provide strategy and consulting in terms of who you should hire and for what. We work together in several strategy sessions and then I oversee a team of VA’s to execute your tasks. In this package, you do not have to work with the VA directly, you work with me as a project manager to oversee the deliverables. Typically, clients hire me for one-time events or seasons when they need more support than normal. If ongoing VA support is needed, I connect you to a permanent VA that you work with directly. Prices begin around $1k for my project management service plus whatever VA amounts are determined for your project.

Prerequisites: A business that is busy and profitable enough to need outsourcing, and a willingness to pay by project, rather than hourly (for the VA’s). Many of the VA’s I work with are specialized in one specific area and price on deliverable.

New Business Package with Customer Website Design

This package is for people who don’t have a business yet, but want to get started on the right foot! No wasting time and money trying to get a plan from every self-proclaimed coach or consultant out there. We work together to get your business started RIGHT, including branding, web design, client acquisition strategy, social media, and advertising. This package runs approximately 12 weeks, with a possibility of extending the contract if not all business systems are yet in place. Prices start around $8k.

Prerequisites: The willingness to hustle!


I DO NOT guarantee revenue goals. That’s just not fair to ask of me, since I’m only one part of any business equation. Any client who has worked with me will tell you that I give you 1000% of my creative energy, time, and expertise. I will help you to stay on task, organized, and on point. I have a knack for coming up with wild ideas in minutes, and will also help YOU get unstuck in your own mind about what to do next and how to proceed. I promise I will save you a sh*t ton of money that you might have spent on “feel good” coaches that couldn’t find the dashboard of a Shopify or Clickfunnels site if it hit ‘em in the ass. I will spare you the agony of deciding what to use, what order to do things in, and the headache of managing a team.

I have plenty of references I’m happy to provide, should we get to that point in our budding relationship, and you can check out my testimonials are at any time!

I will treat your business as if it’s my own, and so that means- I will not work with just anyone.

I have a basic application form I require to help save you and I both time, if we’re not a good fit. Because let me tell you, when we are- magic happens!